Quickly build HTML emails
with utility-first CSS

Maizzle is a framework that helps you quickly build HTML emails with
Tailwind CSS and advanced, email-specific post-processing.

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Use the @maizzle/cli tool to quickly scaffold a Maizzle project and start developing your email templates.


Code emails in HTML and style them with Tailwind CSS. Maizzle takes care of all email optimizations, like CSS inlining.


Responsive or hybrid? Mobile first or desktop first? Stay in control and code your emails however you like.

module.exports = {
  theme: {
    screens: {
      sm: {max: '600px'},
      md: {min: '768px', max: '1023px'},
    extend: {
      colors: {
        blue: {
          brand: '#286dbd',
      spacing: {
        full: '100%',
        px: '1px',
        0: '0',
        2: '8px',
        4: '16px',

Supercharge your email development workflow

Maizzle empowers you with modern web development tools, enabling fast email prototyping while keeping your entire team on-brand.

Who said CSS frameworks should only be used for websites? Maizzle uses the Tailwind CSS framework, so you can rapidly prototype beautiful, on-brand HTML emails. Forget about writing inline styles.

Utility-first CSS

Tailwind CSS provides low-level utility classes that help you style emails much faster than manually writing inline CSS.

Powerful modifiers

Use powerful variant classes like hover:bg-blue-500 or sm:w-full to easily add hover effects or style responsive emails.

Make it your own

Easily create or bring in your own email design system, keeping everyone in your team on-brand.

<extends src="src/layouts/main.html">
  <block name="template">
    <table class="w-150 sm:w-full">
        <td class="text-base text-gray-700">
          <p>Bring your own HTML</p>


Code with markup you already know.

Bring Your Own HTML

No need to learn custom syntax or adapt your templates to it. Use your existing HTML if you prefer, it'll just work.

Supercharged by PostHTML

PostHTML gives your HTML superpowers, enabling components and complex logic through simple, text editor-friendly markup.

module.exports = {
  build: {
    templates: {
      source: 'src/templates',
      destination: {
        path: 'build_production',
        extension: 'html',
      assets: {
        source: 'src/images',
        destination: 'images',

Build Environments

Custom build scenarios, easily configured in JavaScript.

Using fake data locally, but need to fetch content from an API in production? Prettified email markup for your colleagues? All possible.

CLI Commands

Each build environment config enables its own CLI build command, so you can build the same templates in as many ways as you need.

Opt-in Transformers

Choose which post-processing transformations Maizzle applies to your HTML emails, on a build environment-basis.

Override from Template

Define or override data for each template just before it's compiled, through YAML Front Matter variables.

Maizzle Features

Customizable tools, crafted for email development.

Tailwind CSS

Quickly style HTML emails with CSS utility classes. Move faster by avoiding context switching and never leaving your HTML.


Free, open source email templates built with Maizzle. Simply clone a repository and start building your HTML emails.


Write your own HTML markup and style it with Tailwind CSS. You don't have to learn custom tags or attributes.

Build Environments

Distinct configurations for any number of build scenarios, from local development to production-ready email templates.


HTML email-specific optimizations, customizable globally or for each template through Front Matter.


Run your own JavaScript code at key steps in the build process, for even greater customization and control.


Start local development and see a live preview of your emails in a browser, that updates every time you make a change.

Configured in JavaScript

Maizzle is configured in JavaScript, so you can even require() packages or fetch template data from an API.

Powerful Templating

Maizzle uses PostHTML enhanced with custom plugins, giving you powerful templating tools.


You can use GitHub Flavored Markdown in your templates. And it's fully configurable, even through Front Matter.

CLI Tool

Quickly scaffold a new project from any Maizzle Starter, develop locally, and then build your emails for production.


Require Maizzle or its Transformers in your application and compile or process your HTML emails.

Front Matter

Define custom data or override any configuration options right from a template, with Front Matter variables.

CSS Inlining

Automatic, configurable, email-optimized CSS inlining. Enabled by default when building for production.


Email-safe code minification that can help make your production HTML emails weigh less and avoid clipping.


Need to send an HTML email to a human for review? Maizzle can pretty-print the markup, making it more readable.

Uglify Classes

Rewrite CSS class names to be as short as possible, so your production emails are even lighter!

CDN friendly

Already using a CDN? Define a base path or URL and Maizzle will prepend it to your media sources.

URL Parameters

Use Front Matter to add URL parameters to links in your templates - they will all be appended automatically.

Custom Fonts

Easily pull in Google Fonts or any other custom web fonts, then use them through Tailwind CSS utility classes.

Plaintext Versions

Optionally generate optimized plaintext versions from your HTML emails. Or have your ESP do it. Your call.

Build System

Simple and fast Node.js build system that takes care of all the transformations necessary for HTML emails.

Localhost Tunneling

Live-share a configurable URL to a Maizzle project that you're working on, with a colleague or a client.


Code interactive AMP emails, with realtime information and inline actions. User our AMP Starter or code your own.

Get notified when we launch Mailviews.

100s of responsive HTML email components and templates, from the creators of Maizzle.

Maizzle lets me structure my code the way I want to while helping me automate things like links tracking or styles inlining. I love being able to easily generate a version for local development and one properly packed to deliver to clients.

Maizzle allows us to produce better, more consistent emails, in less time and without any of the typical nasty black-box “magic” that often plagues other frameworks.

Maizzle is a 💯 option for building properly-rendering email code using modern web technologies like Tailwind CSS, static site generators, and JavaScript.

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