Prettify Code

Maizzle can pretty print your HTML email code so that it's nicely indented.

Need to send HTML to a human? Enable prettify in your config:


module.exports = {
  prettify: true,

Enabling it will use this default configuration:

  space_around_combinator: true, // Preserve space around CSS selector combinators
  newline_between_rules: false, // Remove empty lines between CSS rules
  indent_inner_html: false, // Helps reduce file size
  extra_liners: [] // Don't add extra new line before any tag


You may configure JS Beautify's CSS and HTML Beautifier options.

Maybe you prefer tabs for indentation?

module.exports = {
  prettify: {
    indent_with_tabs: true,

Checkout the full list of HTML & CSS beautifier options.


Default: false

This option applies several code indentation strategies:

  • condenses multiple newlines to a single newline
  • trims leading and trailing whitespace
  • ensures that a trailing newline is inserted
  • normalizes whitespace before code comments


const {prettify} = require('@maizzle/framework')
const options = {/* prettify options */}

const html = await prettify('html string', options)
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